How to Prevent Your Shorts from Riding Up: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)

When it comes to enjoying your physical activities, the last thing you want is your shorts riding up and causing discomfort or embarrassment. Whether you're running, cycling, working out at the gym, or just strolling around town, we understand the frustration of constantly tugging at the inner thigh of your shorts to keep them in place. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the reasons behind this issue and provide you with nine highly effective tips to ensure your shorts stay put.

Why Do My Shorts Ride Up When I Run?

Many of us, especially runners, have experienced the annoyance of shorts riding up during a workout. It's a common issue, and several factors contribute to this problem. Running shorts are inherently short, and the dynamic stride of running isn't the best friend of keeping shorts in place. Additionally, activities like squatting, biking, or sitting for extended periods can lead to shorts riding up.

Your body shape plays a significant role too. If you have wider hips, a prominent posterior, or thighs that taper significantly, your shorts are more likely to ride up. The material of your shorts, their age and condition, the design, and even the weather conditions can all influence whether your shorts stay in place or not.

But let's get to the good part: how to prevent your shorts from riding up.

How to Keep Shorts From Riding Up: 9 Helpful Tips

  1. Get the Right Fit The most common reason for shorts riding up is an improper fit. If you're wearing compression or exercise shorts, they need to be snug without being uncomfortable. If there's too much slack or looseness, especially around the inner thighs, they're prone to creeping up. As you run, the circumference of your leg changes, so ensure your shorts are well-fitted.

  2. Choose Materials Wisely The materials of your shorts matter. Higher percentages of Lycra, elastane, or spandex make shorts stretchier and help them hug your legs securely. Look for shorts with the right blend to reduce the risk of riding up.

  3. Buy Longer Shorts Opt for longer inseams. Longer shorts have more weight and can grip a larger area of your skin. An inseam of at least 7 inches is a good choice if you often find your shorts riding up.

  4. Apply Fabric Paste or Cornstarch Paste To keep your shorts in place, you can apply fabric paste or a mixture of cornstarch and water to the openings of the leg. This tacky substance will stiffen the shorts and prevent them from riding up.

  5. Try Clear Silicone Caulk Clear silicone caulk, once dried, becomes rubbery and provides excellent grip to your thighs. Apply it around the leg openings of your shorts, but ensure you work in a well-ventilated area, and allow ample drying time.

  6. Sew In Elastic If you enjoy DIY projects, consider sewing elastic near the hemline of your shorts. This elastic provides additional grip to keep the shorts in place during your workout.

  7. Tailor Your Shorts If your shorts have become loose or stretched with age, you can trim them or hem them up to prevent fabric overlap and bunching, which leads to riding up.

  8. Fold the Bottom of the Shorts For compression shorts, folding the bottom of the legs creates a thicker band, providing more stability and preventing them from riding up.

  9. Use Clips In desperate situations, you can use clips or staples to tighten the leg openings, ensuring your shorts hug your legs securely.

In conclusion, dealing with shorts that ride up during workouts is a common challenge, but it's one that can be effectively addressed with the right strategies. Finding the right fit, choosing the appropriate materials, and applying simple fixes like fabric paste or sewing elastic can make a world of difference in keeping your shorts in place. Now, you can fully focus on your workout or outdoor activities without the annoyance of constantly adjusting your shorts. Enjoy your exercises to the fullest, and stay comfortable throughout your routine.

If you're looking for guidance on choosing the perfect pair of running shorts from the start, check out our comprehensive guide: .

Remember: A well-fitted and comfortable pair of shorts is the key to an enjoyable and hassle-free workout experience.

How to Prevent Your Shorts from Riding Up: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)
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