Your Sarasota Herald-Tribune subscription includes digital copy: How to access the E-Edition (2024)

Need to stay in the know, even on the go? Sarasota Herald-Tribune subscribers can get the local news they love any time, anywhere with the newspaper's E-Edition.

The E-Edition is a digital copy of the newspaper that you can access from any mobile or tablet device or from your computer. It is a full electronic replica of the print newspaper published daily, with local news, sports, advertising and features such as comics and puzzles.

Subscribers also get expanded E-Edition access to newspapers acrossthe USA TODAY Network, including USA Today and its popular crossword puzzle.

In addition to the E-Edition, all subscribers have full local digital access, meaning they have the ability to read news updates throughout the day, subscriber-only stories and video and audio features, among other benefits. Subscribers also have 24/7 access to obituaries, legal notices, and classifieds on our website.

Direct link:Visit Sarasota Herald-Tribune's E-Edition

Why do readers enjoy the E-Edition?

Our readers enjoy the E-Edition as itallows you to:

  • Experience thenewspaper, but in electronic form
  • Easily browse and skip to your favorite sections
  • Clip and share articles with friends and family
  • Increase or decrease text size for easy reading
  • Listen to articles that are read aloud
  • Access previous print editions published within the last 30 days
  • Access more than 200 local E-Editions across the USA TODAY Network

Here are some quick tips to help you easily access and navigate the E-Edition:

How to access from your desktop:

  • Step 1:SignIntoyour account on our website
  • Step 2:Click E-Edition on the website navigation bar

How to access from a mobile or tablet:

  • Step 1:Download the free app through the App Store or Google Play store.
    • To find it in the app store, search for thenewspaper's name you subscribe to, and look for the icon that has "print edition" label over the icon. That will be the E-Edition app.
  • Step 2:Open the app andsign intoyour account 

How to usethe E-Edition:


Browse modeis the default view of the E-Edition.

  • Click‘Browse’on the black navigation bar.Use the left and right arrowson your screento browse through the pages.
  • Click'Browse’ asecond time to zoom in on a page.
  • Hover over'Browse'to access a menu where you can further control your Browse viewing mode. Select the 1x or 2x viewing option; you canalso "lock" that option.


Pages mode is an easy way to quickly scan through the entire paper. 

  • Click‘Pages’ on the black navigation bar toeasily see and accessall pages in the edition you are viewing.
  • Click on any page image to open it for viewing.

Index Mode:

Index modeallows several options for formatting content for reading, printing or sharing:

  • Select a story or image on the paper and it will load on the right side of your screen. This makes it easy to read while also still viewing the paper.
  • Pressing the arrows on the right and left sides of the page image will change pages.
  • When a story is selected, youcandecrease or increase the text size, listen to the article, and to switch between graphical and text displays of the articleby selecting the appropriate icon at the top of the story on your screen.

Universal E-Edition Access:

Universal E-Edition allows you to access more than 200 E-Editions across the USA TODAY Network including USA TODAY.

  • Inside the E-Edition, click on the icon titled Universal in the right-side navigation bar.  
  • On the left side, select a state to see available E-Edition publications.   
  • Select the publication you would like to read.    
  • Enjoy reading .

Download, Print & Share: 

There are two ways to save and share articles:

  1. Click ‘Index’ on the black navigation bar. Select the contenton the paperyou want to print so that it is displayed in the right side of the screen. Click the Print icon directly above the content.
    • If you prefer to define the area of the page that is printed click the Share icon thenselect the Clip option on the Sharing menu.
  2. Click ‘Browse’ and thenselect the Page Number in the top left or right corner of the displayed page. Then select the Share icon and follow the instructions to highlight/clipthe area to be printed.

Search Archives: 

You can search for past editions forup to 30 days:

  • To searchfor past editions,click ‘Search Archive’on the black navigation bar.A search page will appear on your screen. Insert the word or text to search and click on the Search button.
  • Once the search results load, click a page number to view that page. Click an article title or ad image to open it for reading.
Your Sarasota Herald-Tribune subscription includes digital copy: How to access the E-Edition (2024)
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