The Ultimate Guide to NBA 2K24 Evolution Cards (2024)

In the world of NBA 2K24 MyTEAM, Evolution Cards are a game-changer. These cards offer the unique opportunity to transform and upgrade your players to higher gem tiers, making them more powerful and versatile on the court. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deep into the intricacies of Evolution Cards, helping you make the most of this exciting feature.

What Are NBA 2K24 Evolution Cards?

Evolution Cards are a special category of player cards that can be upgraded by completing specific in-game milestones unique to each card. These milestones are the key to unlocking a player's full potential. The Evolution Cards in NBA 2K24 offer a range of improvements, including attributes, badges, hot zones, animations, and eligible positions.

How to Evolve Your Evolution Cards

Evolution Cards have upgrade levels represented by bolts on the side of the card. The upgrades can be achieved by meeting various in-game goals and objectives. Some milestones even allow you to choose between two sets of upgrades, making it possible to tailor your Evolution Card to your own playstyle.

Choosing the Right Evolution Card

To make the most of your Evolution Cards, it's crucial to select the right one for your team. These cards are available in rewards, the auction house, and packs, and each comes with its unique set of requirements for evolution.

Customizable Evolution Cards

In NBA 2K24, Evolution Cards have taken a giant leap forward. Now, you have the ability to control how your Evolution Cards evolve as they tier up, thanks to the introduction of branching in the evolution process. When a card reaches a choice tier, you can select between two badges, allowing you to focus on the attributes that matter most to your playstyle. For example, you can choose between "Rebound Chaser" for improved rebounding or "Rim Protector" for better shot blocking. This customization adds depth and variety to your MyTEAM experience.

Tracking Progress and Requirements

To track your Evolution Card's progress and requirements for evolution, head to the "CARD EVOLUTION" menu on the MyTEAM tab of the main menu. Here, you can monitor the goals you need to achieve to unlock each upgrade and see what boosts your player will receive upon evolution.

The Unique Nature of Evolution Cards

One of the most exciting aspects of Evolution Cards is that not all fully evolved cards will be identical. This feature enhances the fantasy aspect of MyTEAM, as it allows you to differentiate your player lineups. Your choices and customization are at the forefront of this mode, and Customizable Evolutions take this to a whole new level.

Example of Evolution Card Progress

In the Evolution Card menu, you can check all your Evolution Cards' progress. For instance, one card might require you to score a certain number of points in a single game to evolve. Upon evolution, you can expect to see substantial upgrades in attributes, badges, hot zones, and even animations, depending on the path you choose.

Unlocking Evolution Cards

Starter Cards are the initial Evolution Cards you receive when creating your MyTEAM. You can fully evolve your first Starter Card immediately to earn another one. To unlock Evolution Cards for free, consider playing Triple Threat mode, where winning a set number of games can reward you with these valuable cards.

Getting Evolution Cards in Domination Mode

Playing Domination mode is one of the most efficient ways to obtain Evolution Cards. Winning games in this mode, especially on higher difficulties, can net you Evolution Cards that can significantly improve your MyTEAM roster.

Make Informed Choices

As you contemplate evolving your Evolution Cards, consider the ultimate end product. Some cards can gain additional badges or attributes that align with your desired playstyle. Ensure that the investment of time and effort is worthwhile for your team's success.

MyCareer and VC in MyTeam

While VC may not be a primary currency in MyTeam, it can still be valuable. VC can be earned in various game modes, including MyCareer, Play Now Online, MyGM, and MyLeague. Allocating a portion of your VC to MyTeam can enhance your experience, allowing you to acquire valuable assets and upgrades for your roster.


NBA 2K24 Evolution Cards are a game-changer in MyTEAM, offering the opportunity to shape your roster and elevate your gameplay. With a keen understanding of how to evolve and customize these cards, you can create a powerhouse team that dominates the court. As you embark on your MyTEAM journey, use this guide to make informed decisions and achieve the full potential of your Evolution Cards. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, these cards can be the key to your success in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM.

The Ultimate Guide to NBA 2K24 Evolution Cards (2024)


Are there evolution cards in 2k24? ›

Starter cards are Evo cards representing young talent to develop as you play. You got a Starter card in your Starter Kit. You can fully evolve your first Starter card right away to earn another one! Check out the Evolution option in the EDIT PLAYER menu for the requirements to get started.

What to do first in 2k24? ›

Play MyCareer First: Not Just for the Fun of It

This isn't a tip about learning to play first. You need to play MyCareer first to level your player up and unlock higher levels of badges. If you go straight to the park you will have trouble getting teammates because no one wants to play with an incomplete teammate.

How do you get evolution cards? ›

Earn Evolution Shards from:
  1. Pass Royale (Unlocked at King Level 7)
  2. Season Shop (Unlocked at King Level 8)
  3. Challenges.
  4. Shop Offers.
  5. Level Up Chests.
  6. Lucky Drops.

How does NBA 2K24 MyTeam work? ›

At launch, play against current and All-Time NBA teams for great rewards. Before you start each game, you choose the difficulty level which decides the rewards and the number of stars that you will receive for winning. Each game also has a win requirement that must be met to earn the stars and the rewards.

How to get evolution cards in WWE2K24? ›

Evolution cards can be obtained by purchasing "special packs" or earning them as rewards in MyFACTION game modes. Evolution Cards are a great addition to your collection, you can complete the evolution challenges while playing other game modes or completing other challenges.

What do grading cards do in 2k24? ›


Sending your player card to be graded makes it unavailable for a short period of time, but it will be worth it! Once your player card is returned, it will be sealed with a grade, and have its quick sell value increased.

What is the best position to play in 2K24? ›

Point Guards are best at this, and you really won't be able to go wrong. They will have good maneuverability on the court, good shooting and even good defense, provided you build for that. That's it for the best position to choose as a new player in NBA 2K24.

What is the max potential in 2K24? ›

Your player's potential overall will be at 99, but the game will ultimately show you a lower potential rating. Throughout your career, you'll need to level up your player and earn MyPoints to increase your overall rating.

Does 2K24 have a storyline? ›

NBA 2K24 lacks a significant story mode, but there are a handful of loosely connected storylines going on all at once involving the created player, who is nicknamed MP.

How do evolution cards work? ›

Every card with an Evolution takes 6 Evolution Shards or Wild Shards to be able to use it in battle. When a Card Evolution is deployed, a special deploy sound will play while a purple light temporarily shines down on them. When you obtain a Card Evolution in a match, a guitar rift will play.

How to use evolution card? ›

To use an evolved card, you must first unlock them by obtaining Evolution Shards. You also need to reach King Level 7 to unlock your Evolution slot, where you'll place any Evolved cards that you have. Once all requirements are met, you can now use Card Evolutions in play.

How to get diamond kyrie? ›

Kyrie Irving is rated as one of a few Diamonds available at launch and is your reward for reaching Level 40 in the Free Pass of Season 1. For those of you picking up the Pro Pass or the Hall of Fame Pass in Season 1; reaching Level 40 will earn you a special alternate artwork version of Diamond Kyrie Irving.

How to get amethyst victor oladipo 2K24? ›

Run the new Salary Cap Mode in #NBA2K24 MyTEAM 🔥 Build lineups under the cap to compete in multiplayer games with a fixed score ending played in 2 halves. Earn all 3 Ruby reward cards from each round in S1 & get an Amethyst Victor Oladipo Reward Card!

What are free agent cards in NBA 2K24? ›

Free Agent cards are limited-use Player cards that disappear after five games are played. Free Agent cards allow you to use a Player temporarily to gain a boost in MyTEAM games.

Can you use your MyPLAYER in MyTEAM 2K24? ›

You can earn a free card based on your MyPLAYER. Head to the MyTEAM area in MyCAREER and get a card based on your MyPLAYER to help you get started playing MyTEAM.

What is an evolution Pokémon card? ›

Evolved Pokémon cards are generally more valuable than their basic counterparts because they represent a higher stage of evolution and often have stronger stats and abilities.

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